2018-2019 Anne Hutchinson PTA Contacts

Executive Board

Co-Presidents:          Nancy Fitzsimmons  &  Renee DiBenedetto

Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer:  Valerie Quinn  &  Alisa Schilo

Secretary:                  Katie Skipper

Ways and Means:    Alysse Jinete   &  Marisa Junta

Membership:           Natalie Bochenski 

Cultural Arts:         Anne O’Connor

Website & EBlasts:   Sarah DeRise

PTA Council Delegates:  Jen Amodeo,  Rosanne Cosgrove  &  Angela Poli 

Head Class Parent:    Gina Cozza


Committee Chairs

After School Clubs:    Angela Shaw, Madeline D’Agostino

5th Grade Chairs:      Crista DeStefano  &  Renee DiBenedetto

Original Arts:            Gina Cozza  &  Serene Saab

Photos and School Supplies:  Rosanne Cosgrove

Sportswear:               Christine Dierk

Yearbook:                  Gabriela Paladino


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